This page details the module classes available in this theme.

This template is built using the Zen Grid Framework and contains 52 module positions for you to use to create flexible page layouts. For a full understanding of how the module positions work in framework compatible templates please visit the Zen Grid Framework documentation.

Zen Grid Framework 4 (zgf5) based themes feature an array of built in effects to add a little dazzle to your Joomla website. Some of these effects add key functionality to your site's user interaction while others are just there for the fun of it.

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Zen Grid Framework v5 (zgf5) themes come with a simple Joomla plugin to replicate some key Mega Menu functionality in your Joomla site. The Zen Menu plugin can be downloaded here - please note that the plugin will only work with the html overrides found in zgf5 based themes.

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Zen Grid Framework V5 (ZGF5) themes come with a new and enhanced layout tool, that breaks open the previous paradigm of restrictive control over module positions. ZGF5 themes make it possible for you to drag and drop a module position into any row in the template or simply reorder the module position in it's given row.

Want to put the menu above the logo? Sure we can do that.


Or how about the menu below the logo and swap the logo and search module positions. 

No more messy overrides. Just simply drag a module to a new position and save.

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